When you give your mind a thought…

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Just like when you give a moose a muffin (if you’ve read that famous children’s book, you know what I’m talking about)┬áit leads to all kinds of other things, when you give your mind a thought, it also leads to other things. The first and foremost is an emotion. This is very true & is always the case. Whenever you give your mind a thought, the next thing that happens is an emotion. An emotion is a neuro-chemical response in your body to a thought.

See for yourself:

You think, “She shouldn’t be doing that,” & you feel frustrated.

You think, “He is acting differently than I wanted him to,” & you feel mad.

You think, “I’ve already told my kid to do this 42 times,” & you feel exhausted.

You think, “This is too hard,” & you feel overwhelmed.

For most people, they believe these feelings are created due to the actions of others. However, it’s not the actions of others, it’s your thoughts about their actions that get you all tied up in emotion. This is the first baby step to knowing how to take control of your life. It requires a level of awareness and then a desire to change in order to start actively adjusting your thoughts to something that will help you rather than hinder you.

When you give your mind a thought, prepare to accept the emotion that it’s bundled with.

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