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“Mariah helped me find the source of my MOTIVATION and mopped up with teaching me how to GET BACK UP when I fall back into old routines! Mariah loves teaching and it makes learning exciting! She is clear, relatable, interesting and FUN!!

Julie Kaye Gardner

“Mariah helped me feel so empowered to improve my life and all my important relationships. I learned tools to increase my personal value and she spelled out very doable "how to's" that I can start applying right away. I left with so much hope and many tools."

Charlotte Hibbert

“Mariah helped me realize that I am the creator of the life I want. Understanding the end results desired, I now have the tools to walk a few steps back and intentionally create thoughts and emotions for success. Mind Blown!”

Emily Gibb

“Working with Mariah is incredibly transformational. The tools and love that she gives you is so profound that you can't help to become fired up about changing your life. Mariah is a fantastic teacher, you can tell how passionate she is about helping you to become a more confident and joyful you! There is no regret in participating in her program.”

Cami Parks

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