This is
Mariah Wickham

I am a certified life coach and started my coaching business in the fall of 2016. I had such a transformation with this work & I was so excited to help others! I started out talking to Moms who felt overwhelmed in parenting by offering some free classes. People showed up, they signed up for my programs, and I even had many 1:1 clients. Then I decided I didn’t want to talk about parenting anymore.

I was pretty sure I wanted to help women, maybe business owners, perhaps the dreamers wanting to start something, and also wanted to focus on relationships.  So, I started talking about time management, balance, a bit of branding, with some marriage and parenting tips added for good measure. I showed up at local networking groups, kept posting in my Facebook group, and kept pumping out emails to my list.

This is when my marketing hit the skids in a major way. I ended up with clients that weren’t an ideal fit and I was about to give up with my business. I wasn’t clear. No one knew how to send me quality referrals & I didn’t specifically target anyone. When you refer to anybody and everybody, nobody comes to mind. Luckily, the biggest source of my frustration was fixable. 

Now I know better! Clarity = more clients. I help life coaches clarify their message & get more clients. Do you want more clients? If so, I got you. With my unique framework, you’ll know who to target, how to speak to them, and be clear about the problem you help them solve.