This is
Mariah Wickham

As a life coach, I will sit with you in a revered place because it’s where you learn to be the creator of what you want in life. I start with relationships because we are all connected and we all need each other & we all have ample opportunities to practice better relationships. I want your relationships to be a source of peace and confidence for you. 

My introduction to this world began when I was in a desperate place — parenting had presented me with problem after problem and I kept waiting for my kids to change so I could feel better. I had the same pattern in my marriage, I expected him to be different so life could be better. When coaching came into my life, I found the tools to get in the driver’s seat, or become the creator of a life I loved, and I’ve never looked back. I am continually in awe of where this road has taken me and the beautiful views along the way!

I have been trained through a multitude of platforms and companies, including being currently enrolled in the certification program through the Life Coach School. My original roots began as a junior high teacher and I’ve never lost my love of teaching or learning. I have evolved as to the audience I speak with and what I present, but I’ll always be a junior high teacher at heart. I happen to think teenagers are the greatest!

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