10 Reasons Why You Waste Time & how to stop doing it

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wasting time

We all have a tendency to waste time, but if you’re like me, and have ambitious goals you want to achieve, it can be really infuriating to feel like you’re wasting time. I had to take a long look at what was going on and came up with reasons why I waste time. Once it was clear these were pretty universal, I felt like sharing, because after we’re clear with the reasons we do something, it’s so much easier to establish strategies to overcome those reasons!

  1. You aren’t putting yourself in your calendar (is your self-care a priority?).
  2. You think some things are better ways of spending your time than others.
  3. You believe you can’t rest until your work is done.
  4. You feel like there’s always work to do.
  5. You don’t decide ahead of time how you’ll spend your time.
  6. You make wasting time mean something painful.
  7. You don’t play enough.
  8. You’re avoiding the hard stuff so you seek a distraction.
  9. You choose to believe there is such a thing as ‘wasting time’ in the first place. Who would you be without the belief that time can be wasted?
  10. You listen to your feelings more than your commitments.

It’s not a matter of magically finding more time, it’s a matter of planning on purpose and then navigating the uncomfortable feelings that come up when it’s time to keep your commitments to yourself. It’s important to know who’s in charge of your calendar — and it’s not your feelings! ????The story you create with time begins with planning what you want that story to be.

Please check out the Planning on Purpose blog post for more help with this & a free TIME AUDIT PDF that will help you track your time.


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