Writing Tips to Captivate Your Audience

By February 28, 20222 Comments

Writing tips as you share your story:

  • Use details to direct your readers’ minds but also allow the reader to use their imagination, in other words, don’t fill in every single detail. This is what keeps their mind engaged & captivated.
  • Guide them to some coaching and elevated thinking within your story. This is what connects them to your wisdom and builds their trust in you.
  • Ask them to do something. This is ultimately how you’ll create a client.
  • Use visualization as a tool yourself so you can see clearly where your client goes on this journey.
  • Always have as an objective. This is easy to do when when you finish the sentence My reader will __________________ & fill in the blank. 

An example of words that connect and captivate :

Before (Boring)  A friend told me to listen to a podcast. It took me a few weeks to follow up, but when I did I was hooked. I signed up for that coach’s membership and loved everything I learned. Later I became certified myself.

After (Captivating) With my hands in warm water and suds, I took long pauses to ponder what I was hearing on the podcast. It was good stuff! What I heard felt like concepts I’d always known, but standing there staring at my backyard, I felt so seen and understood! I knew it was the path that would make my life better; it was like the missing piece I’d been searching for. I wanted to learn more, I couldn’t get enough. From there I binged nearly every episode and I still knew there was more for me. That’s when I took the biggest leap of my life and signed up to be certified.

As you can see, the difference is obvious.

Your words hold energy and create energy so being intentional about your message will allow you to connect and captivate the right people so they become clients.

A few more things to keep in mind:

Speaking in person is different because we have facial cues, body language, and tone to enhance or amplify engagement with the person we’re speaking with. Writing requires a different approach. To captivate your reader, you not only want to engage their imagination but particularly as a coach, you want to engage their ambition. Your words will guide them to what’s possible. Your words will change their life. Your words will create a whole new world.


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