My Signature Program

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8 week program

45 min sessions weekly

Light homework in between sessions

Access to me in between sessions through email

My signature program is BE CLEAR & WIN. It covers your why, creating a one-liner, creating an opt-in, using your unique voice & story intentionally in your copy, putting more of YOU in your business, & most importantly creating the confidence to facilitate massive transformation in your clients. What do you win? You win more clients, more confidence, more clarity and more momentum for the next version of your business.

By the end of the 8 weeks, you will have the following (of course this is dependent on your willingness to show up and do the work I assign):

  • One liner (elevator pitch). You will be able to say in one sentence who you help & how you help them.
  • Your why — this is more of a philosophical problem, but one that is important as it will shape the stories (i.e., how you connect to your clients) you share in your business & it is critical to those that will be attracted to your unique solution.
  • A strong awareness of your client’s pain points and what they’re willing to do to solve the problem.
  • 3 fundamental stories that will help you connect to clients, build your brand, and show clients why you are the best suited to work with them: the story of your business, story of your clients’ transformation, and your story.
  • A strong opt-in that can be uploaded to your website to then begin to collect an email list.
  • A brand map that will guide you as you make decisions to share on social media, stay motivated & consistent.
  • Voice, Vocabulary, & Your Unique Value proposition for your coaching business. This makes it very simple to make decisions in your marketing.
  • The confidence to make offers and therefore, get more clients & make more money (Growth!)
  • Clear guide to take the next steps for your business and prioritize your growth beyond our time together.

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