You know you can change lives, therefore…

You are building your business online, you’re showing up & sharing on Instagram, but you may be feeling at a loss!

‘They’ said to be consistent and ‘they’ said to keep showing up.

You’ve done that and you still aren’t seeing the results and revenue that match your dreams.

There are a few things you may not have thought about as you’ve set out to sell your programs and offers.

And no worries, & for sure no judgment, as you evaluate how you are stacking up on these — I’ve been there as well! It’s why I feel so passionate about guiding you to a presence online that allows you to stand out and help more people.

It’s all about using your words to captivate and clearly communicate.

Ask yourself —

📍 Are you captivated by your own reason for doing what you’re doing?

📍 Are you 100% certain you can help people & transform their life through your coaching?

📍 Do you like the way you’re sharing your message currently?

📍 Does it fuel you to engage and help or do you feel drained as you put something out there and then retreat for days or weeks at a time?

If you said No to any of the above, it’s not just a mindset issue. Let me repeat, it’s not just a mindset issue. 🙂

There are tactical things to implement in addition to your thought work.

On your own you’ll probably figure it out eventually, but why not get help and achieve results faster without the frustration?

You’re formally invited to join the Stand Out With Story Challenge.

It’s 4 days — March 1st through the 4th!

I’ll walk you through the following:

▶️ How to discover your why or reinvigorate your why!

▶️ How to plant your flag & shout from the mountain tops, “This is who I help and this is how I help!”

▶️ Ways to show up online and share in a way that feels good to you!

▶️ Rituals in order to share from a grounded, whole place that never leaves you feeling depleted or discouraged.

It’s all brought to you in my unique Stand Out with Story framework. I believe Story is the most effective and entertaining way to go on a journey and come out transformed on the other side & that’s why you need to be using it in your content!

You’ll receive an email in the AM each day of the challenge which will include prompts to implement right away. I’ll be watching for a certain hashtag so I can drop by your IG and cheer you on! There will also be Lives from my IG account and other special bonuses for joining!

I can not wait to help amplify your ability to captivate, connect, and create clients!


Stand Out with Story — March 1-4th, 2022

“To help you must first move someone to do something”

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