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Download this month’s Monthly Matrix here >>> MarchMightyMatrix

When I look back at the last 4 + years of personal development, training, & education, the one consistent routine that has made the biggest difference is TRACKING! There are certain things that I want to fit into my day, but if I don’t have a system of tracking those things, it’s amazing how they just don’t happen. Or, rarely happen even on my good days. So I’m here to help you with the best TRACKING tool you’ll ever need: The Mighty Monthly Matrix! You’ll print a new one each month & it will become your bestie as you work on becoming more balanced & productive.

Once I read a really great quote by Gretchin Rubin in her book The Happiness Project. She said “You manage what you measure” & I’ve remembered it ever since. That was 5 years ago, so it’s especially rewarding that I can remember it, considering these days if I don’t have 12 alerts with an email, text, and buzzing alarm, it’s probably not gonna happen.

Here is what the Mighty Monthly Matrix covers:


    If you’re like me, and many others, you chose #onelittleword for the year to frame your life around. For many this has replaced New Year’s resolutions, but it also has gone the way of New Year’s resolutions, meaning they were forgotten before February was finished. This will be the perfect place to jot it down and remind yourself what it is. You’ll be filling out a new matrix each month, so every 30 days or so, you’ll write that word down and hopefully keep it in the forefront of your mind.


    I love helping my clients reach their goals! I think it is important to your mental health to have something you’re working toward—but be careful that you’re not using it as a stick to beat yourself over the head, because then it’s already bad for your mental health. The point here is to think of something measurable and doable in about 30 days. Earning some extra money, balancing your budget, cleaning out a closet, having a hard conversation with someone, going to lunch with a new friend, journaling daily, hosting a luncheon, prepping for a 5K, you name it—your monthly goal can be a variety of things! The important part is that you have one.


    You will choose 3 habits that you want to build into your morning and evening routine. This is the perfect place to put those things that you really want to do daily, but never seem to stay consistent with. Exercise, inspirational reading, meditation, looking at a vision board, dancing to a fun song, affirmations, straightening up your nightstand, recording your daily spending, recording 3 gratitudes, journaling, or any number of other ideas. This list is just to get you thinking, I’m sure you have some great ideas you could add to your routine. You will color in the circle for each day you complete this task. Days 1-15 will be with the small inner circle and days 16-30 will be the outer circle.


    This is going to be your go-to thought that runs through your mind all day long. The point of this is to counteract all the negative garbage that generally rolls around in there. You want to become the master of your mind, so getting out of default is an important first step. You’ll choose 2 power words and then create a statement: I am confident & I am productive! I am creative and I am efficient! I am calm and I am playful! I am responsible and thoughtful! Bonus points: if you really want this to be effective think of the main negative thought that goes through your head and write down the opposite + an extra good thought. Boom! You have a very powerful statement to say out loud 3 times, twice daily!


    I intentionally have 3 different words here so that your mind won’t automatically only create one possibility. Each month I want you to decide on one thing you’re going to let go/forgive/release. It could be clutter, it could be old clothes, an old offense, the feeling of fear that’s holding you back, the frustration about what your husband said a month ago, how rudely you were treated in 3rd grade, the insensitive comments from a mother-in-law, or how awkward you felt on your first day of high school. Seriously, girl, let’s let that go! The more specific you can be here, the more progress you’ll make. Take charge of your future and the life right in front of you — don’t be a victim or place blame anymore. You have so many beautiful things to create, but when you carry around a heavy load, you’ll be too tired to do it!


    Each month for 2020 we will talk about a different relationship and how to improve upon it. I will also be adding information to this on my Instagram account. Find me there at my handle @mariah.wickham. I include a lot in my feed as well as Instagram stories.


    For most of us, our brain is working on a negativity bias. This means that it is constantly finding evidence that we did something wrong, we didn’t do enough, or that we screwed everything up and we’re the worst person ever! Dramatic much? It takes effort and skill to steer the wild horse in your brain so that it’s tame and working for you instead of against you. Creating a record of your successes each day is a fabulous way to start moving toward a positivity bias. It could be simple: I was present and available when the kids got home from school, or it could be more complex: I sold more products today in my business than I ever have before. You decide, but know this is not just ‘oh, how cute, I did something good.’ This is an actual process of re-wiring the brain to see more good and create more successes.


    There have been many studies that prove how gratitude improves our mental health. Again, like recording the successes, it’s a way to point the brain toward good, thus, helping you create more good. There is a blank line for each day of the month — so if you want to write small and include 3, go for it! If you want to make it even more simple and go with one, you will still find many benefits from cultivating a habit & record of gratitude.

There you have it, all the steps you need to start feeling more in control of your life and find more consistent progress toward your goals. If you don’t want to use every section of the matrix, no worries. Use what benefits you and don’t let your mind go to overwhelm. Whatever is pulling at your heart and whatever the goal is that feels impossible right now, it is POSSIBLE. Just take it one day at a time, and that will turn into a month, then a year, then a lifetime. You are the creator. Your MIGHTY life is within your grasp.

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