It Will Come Out Tomorrow

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I thought nothing of going to a community production of the musical, Annie, a few months back. It was a favorite of mine growing up & as a child with curly, red hair, I related to Annie. I dreamed of playing her on stage. I memorized all the songs and belted them out with gusto. The Sun’ll Come Out Tomorrow! It’s a Hard Knock Life! Little girls, little girls. My current dog even reminds me of Annie’s dog, Sandy. So when a friend was playing the role of Miss Hannigan, I was delighted to join the group that went to support her.

I didn’t expect that the person I am now would take it all in with a new angle and a different view. The rags to riches opportunity for Annie was a huge one and it’s easy to be happy for her, since as the underdog all you can see initially is what she’s gained. I not only cheered for her as a kid, I wanted that to happen to me, too! Even with loving parents and awesome siblings, I daydreamed of a Warbucks and Punjab coming to whisk me away to a world of wealth and servants.

Perspective has a funny way of shifting as experience can be the yeast that grows wisdom.

Now, many moons after I dreamed of growing up to be Annie, I grew up to be an adoptive Mom to a child who was 8 when we adopted him. Where I once would overlook it, now I see the heartbreak in Annie’s aching to find her biological parents. Where I once would celebrate a happy ending, I see the complexities in the new relationships that will take years to solidify.

It’s a hard knock life for all of us. The bruises, the bumps, the debilitating confusion we all encounter could threaten our ability to feel the sun. So, although Annie is a different story with my new perspective, I also see it with a new and expanded heart–for in the middle of it, I see my personal capacity to help others see the sun–specifically to help my son see the sun. Tomorrow and every day, I hope for all to know that the sun will come out! The hard is not meant to last forever. The night will darken, but will not stay.

The sun is coming.

Stick out your chin,

And grin

And say

The sun will come out tomorrow!

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