Is Balance A Myth?

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Is balance a myth?

Mmmm. On the one hand, yes. But the other, maybe not. Let’s discuss.

First, the following is a thought your brain may want to reject at first, but just let it hang out in your cerebellum for a minute and give it some space to percolate: Balance is a feeling, so this means you can create it whenever you want. It’s true, your feelings are created from your thoughts & not your circumstances!

Let me expand a little more —

Those that don’t feel balanced, and want to feel balanced, are working from a scarcity mindset. This means they’re constantly believing their brain when it says “there is not enough time for everything!” “I’ll never get it all done!” “Life is so crazy, I feel so overwhelmed.” We’ve all experienced this from time to time, but to constantly be on this track means you see balance as a destination that you never arrive at because it’s dependent on what’s on your to-do list and not your mindset.

Those that don’t feel balanced, and are okay with that, are working from a different mindset. They’ve either decided balance isn’t that important or decided to believe a different thought, such as, “I’m doing my best & that’s what is important,” or “I can’t keep everyone happy, but I can use my time in ways that I decide are best,” or even “balance isn’t possible so I’m just going to do my best and make the best decisions for me and my family.” This approach recognizes balance is not a destination that we can arrive at, but rather skips the need for it and focuses on what’s right in front of them and stays productive.

The third set of people are those that feel balanced and intentionally desire it and create it. These people know their non-negotiables, know how to block out their time, and know how to track and master their routine. Are there slip ups from time to time? Sure. Are these people perfect in their efforts. No. However, they do certain things so that their mindset stays in a place of balance. This means holding on to thoughts that help create feelings of productivity, rest, engagement, connection, and creativity.

Back to our original question: is balance a myth? No, it’s not a myth and I’m happy to say that now. I actually believed it for years and went around with that as my excuse to hustle harder and not take care of myself. I now proudly plant myself in the 3rd set of people that seek balance and create balance. It’s necessary for my well being and necessary for feeling fulfilled and productive. I now see that my energy is limited, and balance goes hand in hand with my energy levels. If my energy wanes, so does my balance. I see them as two walls that hold up a house of productivity. Personally, I feel balanced when I use my work time wisely and then take time to create meaningful downtime. Both of these elements are needed to have balance. Also, I need to check in with my 4 non-negotiables and be sure they are present in my life. They are: spirituality, social activity, creativity, and mental engagement. When I feel off, I know to check this list and make adjustments to feel balanced again.

Over the years I’ve approached others and asked them the question, “Is balance a myth?” and I’ve received a wide variety of responses. One in particular has stuck with me. Carol M. said, “I believe balance is attainable. However it is not sustainable. The human experience is designed to throw us off our balance so we can grow stronger & exercise those mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical muscles.”

I couldn’t have said it better. I like the idea of growth, in fact it’s my ‘why’ in all I do so I’ll keep believing in balance; I’ll keep seeking and creating it so that I can continue to grow. And as for everyone else, growth is also on the horizon for you, my friend! Next time you feel off balance, tell your brain you’re in for a real treat because some awesome breakthroughs are about to take place!

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