Mighty Messaging Group Program

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Your attempts at finding clients have been mediocre & it feels so rotten.

And also, being the overlooked coach is not a good look for you.

You know you can help people, your coaching skills are top-notch! It’s just that telling others that you can help feels awkward at best, and soul-sucking at worst.

There is nothing wrong with you, it’s just that no one has helped you see how powerful your messaging can be.

Standing out online is critical these days.

So many people are vying for our collective attention.

I want to invite you to join the Mighty Messaging group program.

Your message as a coach stands alone and is unique — and once you see that and can share that confidently, you won’t feel like it’s so hard.

Your journey from overlooked to overbooked is about to begin!


8 weeks; we start the week of March 1st

7 modules

✅ How to Speak to the Client You Want to Work With

✅ Solving a Nagging Problem

✅ The Core of Your Message

✅ Stories that Speak of Universal Messages

✅ Content that Connects & Converts

✅ Maximizing Your Platform

✅ Your Outstanding Offer

Also, 8 group coaching calls.

Group Voxer support. I’ll check this at least once a day on weekdays.

Working as a group you’ll see the points of clarity that you may be missing right now — we all know it’s so much easier to see it in someone else & that’s why offering this as a group is the best decision ever.

The work you do in this group will grow your business and grow your belief.

You need both.

I can’t wait to meet you, your message, and see you share it in a mighty way!